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Potter Creek Sugar Shack - float box to syrup pan

A short video that captures raw sap entering the float box at the back of the pan and ends with syrup.

Potter Creek Sugar Shack - finishing and filtering

The final step in the journey from sap to syrup occurs as the syrup is brought up to the correct sugar content, or density, and is then filtered and prepared for bottling.  

Potter Creek Sugar Shack Tour - how it's made

Join us at the sugar shack for a brief tour and description of what happens after the maple sap is retrieved from the woods.

The Journey From Sap to Syrup

The long journey from a single drop of sap to syrup is a long one that courses through taps, tubing, collection tanks, and ultimately the evaporator.  The video below illustrates that long journey and the work it takes to create some of the sweetest stuff on earth!

The 2017 maple sugaring season is underway

The first boil of the 2017 sugaring season occurred on Saturday, February 11th.  Check out the video below for a quick peak at some fantastic golden amber syrup coming right off of the evaporator!

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